Friday, July 22, 2011

Updates Coming Soon

Made a stop in Philly today, a lot of interesting goodies which came in -- some good, some bad, some awful; but, one of the employees told me they have a bunch of "Stingray" shoes in the basement which haven't been put out yet. I believe 'Stingray' is a type of shoe and not a brand, but there may be something there I know nothing about...

Anyway, a full list of new merchandise will be coming this weekend. As well, I will be visiting the NYC stores and will provide an update on the main outposts (Soho, 34th & 57th East Side).

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  1. Philly has been getting in a number of samples from Philly/NYC designer Ross Graison (mainly shirts and sport coats). Graison's stuff is VERY fashion forward, so you really need to think through whether or not you can pull some of these things off(or even want to try); but, the construction and fabrics are of very high quality. Graison is known for designing and putting finishing touches on each piece, if your inner rocker is calling, you could do worse...
    Shirts seemed to be going for around 29.99 (off of around $80-100) and coats for around 89.99(off of $6-700).