Sunday, July 24, 2011

Huge List of Updates...Including Some High-End Items

Huge list of updates, including a breakdown of what's available in each of the NYC stores (except Wall St.); have to make this as quick as possible, but be sure to look at the end of the post for the best part of it all (some really high-end items, exclusive to a few locations):

Merchandise that almost all the stores have gotten in w/in the past week:
Various items from Eugenio Sorentino (made in Italy) -- sweaters, pants, shirts and coats; this stuff is decent, but nothing special; designed better than say, Kemitch & FB, but the quality isn't much better. I'd personally stay away, but it may appeal to some of you.

Shirts from Poggianti (made in Italy) -- new to Daffy's for Fall, all at $29.99. Some of these shirts were much nicer than others, kind of hit or miss; but definitely a step up from Asso di Cuori and Roberta Galifa. I'd suggest trying this stuff on before you buy it. Not as good as Mastai Ferretti, but still a good option if you find something worthwhile.

Various items from Futuro/Asfalto/Bocodo (made in Italy) -- all from NCM SRL. This stuff is on the upper end of what Daffy's gets in. Not as much as last Spring, but still a nice, small selection in each store. Blazers are probably the best from what came in, but you'll also find outerwear, shirts and possibly some pants.

Suits and outerwear from Kemitch/Sartoria Corsini/Enyile/Cortellini (made in Italy) -- This stuff is pretty awful. Stay away, unless you need something cheap.

Various items from Wembley Road (made in Italy) -- Again, cheaply made, poorly designed. Your best bet is to stay away from this stuff.

Shirts from Robert Friedman (made in Italy)  -- I saw literally one of these shirts in the Philadelphia store. It's unlikely you'll see any at all, but thought I'd mention it just in case something popped up. These are great shirts, on par w/the best of what Daffy's carries. Unfortunately, the parent company, Fabry's SRL went bankrupt, which is why there's been little-to-no RF merchandise in the store the past season or two.

Store Specific Items:

P. Luca Milano (made in Italy) -- Some decent Italian-made knits, available in Philly and 57th St. West Side

Shoes from Boemos (made in Italy) - one of the best shoe brands that Daffy's carries; they make the main and co-op lines of shoes at Barney's. I saw literally one pair of wool-lined mocassins at the 34th St. store from the current season, marked as a Sample. I sincerely hope that's not all we're getting from Boemos.

John Barrit (made in Italy) -- nothing major from this brand, only a very small selection of heavy knits at 34th St.

Messagerie/Bryan Husky (made in Italy) -- For those of you that have never seen this stuff, take the time to look at it; truly awesome. Suits are only available at 34th St. and Soho. However, every store I visited in Manhattan has a decent selection of outerwear, blazers, shirts, vests (some really nice vests, though couldn't find matching blazers) and pants. Be careful about some of the blazers/suits, however --- the sizing is off on a lot of them for some reason; as in, something normally marked 46 should be a 36, but fits more like the American version of 46 rather than the European version. So try everything on -- and to the folks at Daffy's --- perhaps you should look at your merchandise before putting the wrong size tags on it, b/c your salespeople for sure don't seem to notice any sizing issues -- case in point - size 36 jacket matched to a size 44 pant in a suit, both tagged size 36 on the Daffy's tag, however. I would have bought the darn thing if it actually had been matched properly... -- BUT -- the best part about Messagerie this Fall is the outerwear - my favorite piece was this awesome leather shearling in 57th West Side for $360, sadly one size too big for me, but for those of you in a size 38 I would run over to see if it's still there.

Belvedere (made in Italy) -- Apparently Belvedere makes exotic leather shoes. I've never heard of them, but they're very interesting to say the least. Available in, among other things, regular leather, Stingray (yes, the fish), and Crocodile (I believe these were close to $500 in Philly). They are available in Philly and 34th St., though probably more stores will get them as well. Philly only received them in a size 8.

Jey Coleman (made in Italy) -- More outerwear came in this week. To be aware of -- JCM merchandise is only available in 34th St., Soho, and both 57th St. stores (as well as Elizabeth, NJ, Philly, Jersey Gardens & Paramus). There is no JCM merchandise in 18th St. or 44th & Madison.

Sartoriani suits (made in England) -- These came in last Spring and are back. I only noticed maybe two or three of them, but they're again only at 57th St., East Side. Remember, these are left-overs of made-to-measure suits that never got picked up, so they are NOT standard-sized.

Petronius (made in Italy) ties -- Wool ties from Petronius available only at the 57th St., East Side store. The tags indicated these came from Tyrone's, which is very early on in the season, but they're out. No other store has gotten any Tyrone's merchandise that I'm aware of.

Les Copains (made in Italy) -- Very (read 3 or four pieces) small selection of knits at the 57th East Side store.

And for those of you that couldn't wait for this --- a very limited selection of high-end merchandise (from actually known labels) is available at three stores -- 44th & Madison, and both 57th St. stores. The Madison store got the best selection (it's on a rack right next to the suits and belts) - a couple blazers from Brunello Cuccinelli ($699), items from Rag & Bone, APC, Woolrich and shoes from Duckie Brown (see pics) and one pair of Rag & Bone chukkas. 57th East side got a smaller selection, mainly shirts from Gitman Brothers, Woolrich and Levis (all American made). 57th West Side only received a few coats from Woolrich. The prices on these thing are much steeper than the normal merchandise as they're retail closeouts rather than direct from manufacturer. For those that care, a bit of sleuthing has turned up that these are likely from a store out on Long Island called Hirshleifer's.

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