Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Look at Fall '11

Well I didn't have a chance to take pictures as of yet - those will come this weekend, at least of decent merchandise worthy enough of a photograph. As for what stores have gotten in thus far, here's the rundown, including stuff I may have already mentioned:

- Suits, pants and sportcoats from FB/EP/FB Class/Kevin Up (made in Italy) - I will continue to state my disapproval on this stuff b/c the construction and materials are simply inferior; but the Philly store had TONS of it
- Shirts from Mastai Ferretti (made in Italy) (note: picture is not of an actual shirt currently at Daffy's) - Really great stuff, all priced at $29.99 - includes brands such as Agho, Bonser, Cleveland, Paolo Veri, Korus, Nervesa, A. Basile, and many others I haven't mentioned. In my very quick browse-through, I did not see any shirts that were marked Mastai Ferretti itself, but all these shirt brands are produced by that company.
- Shirts, suits, pants, sportcoats, knits, etc... from Jey Cole Man (made in Italy) -- the Philly store has only received shirts but I am 100% certain that other stores (esp. NYC stores mentioned in prior posts) have received a much wider selection
- Shirts from Roberta Galifa and Asso di Cuori (both made in Italy) - Again, much like FB, I would avoid this stuff like the plague. Horrible construction and fabrication.
- Small amount of zip-up cotton sweaters from French Connection

 I will have a much more in-depth report on the weekend, and anticipate visiting a few Daffy's locations outside of Philly (yes, I have a problem; but no, I'm not addressing it at the moment) ;)

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  1. One great find at Philly today: Trafalgar braces. They have had Trafalgar ties at the store for some time; but, first time I have seen the braces. First class quality, and at 19.99, an absolute steal.