Monday, July 18, 2011

More Updates from the Field

More updates as they roll in: One of my favorite things which Daffy's gets in is always there random selection of Italian belts. Right now, the stores that got in a good selection of Jey Coleman merchandise, also got in a few of the label's belts which are pretty sick -- some blue patent leather, and one I saw w/some turquoise bead work. VERY limited selection of JCM belts, likely in the larger sizes. Just wish they had some JCM shoes -- I've only seen one or two pairs all the years I've shopped at Daffy's, but I know they do exist. (Same goes for shoes from Gazzarrini and Patrizia Pepe, both of which are huge rarities). Also in the belts are some nice pieces from John Barritt (made in Italy) - I'm not a huge fan of most of the Barritt items, but the belts are always top notch, and these are no exception.

Most stores also got in a small selection of Martin Gordon t-shirts in long and short-sleeve. Also to be had, a nice selection of jeans from French Connection (all at $19.99 if I recall). Also some pretty awful pleather jackets from a brand called Addicted - for $23.99, they're not a ripoff, but I also wouldn't be spending my money on this stuff; wait til the real leather comes in in the next month or so.

And finally, all the stores got in a new batch of ties for the Fall from Altea (made in Italy) - again still $16.99; these things are awesome - skip the Calvin Klein, DKNY, Izod and Michael Kors they're stocking, and buy something that will last, and more importantly, tie a good knot.

And here are the pics I promised: to the right is a green sweater/sportcoat from Jey Coleman (made in Italy) and then a cream-corduroy sportcoat w/plaid flannel-weight cotton underneath, also from JCM. Below that are some of the suspenders that are available from Trafalgar for $19.99. Finally a quick look at a rack of Xagon Man (made in Italy) merchandise. Apologies for the bad photography - iPhones aren't exactly SLR's. Click on the pics to be taken to larger versions.


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