Friday, July 15, 2011

Great Day in Philly + Rumors

Had a great day in Philly today, picking up a number of Mastai Feretti (made in Italy)-made shirts, under the Bonser, Agho, Michele Negri. Also got a JCM blazer, and a pair of JCM pants. Really terrific stuff on every end. And for those of you that don't know about it -- Daffy's has a layaway policy -- you pay a portion of the total price up-front, and they put it on layaway for 30-days, when you pay the remainder. Great for right now when you might want to pick up the Fall merchandise before it disappears, but have nowhere to put it just yet.

New stuff which came in later this week - A selection of shirts and pants from Xagon Man (made in Italy) - Again, while it's on my Brands list, you have to be very careful with Xagon Man. The clothes, while the shirt I tried on was 100% cotton, are often made of synthetics and the fit is very strange -- almost over-fitted for some reason. But nicely designed.

Couldn't believe they were still bringing up the Mastai Ferretti merchandise from the basement -- apparently there's still loads of shirts down there even at the end of this week. Other bits and pieces which came in -- Boots from J. Shoes at $69.99, Desert Boots from Natha Studio, and accessories from Joseph Abboud and Trafalgar -- wallets, some nice leather grooming bags (the little things you can travel with, put your razor, deodorant, etc... into), and some really awesome-looking suspenders or 'braces' as Q called them in the comment to the prior post -- I will have pics of those up in the next few days -- amazingly priced -- $80+ retail, selling for $20.

And now from the rumor mill -- along with the new CEO, news has spread amongst the staff that there are new buyers afloat at Daffy's. If that is the case, welcome, and let's hope for good times ahead. No more bottom-of-the-barrel junk which can be found at Payhalf as well as Daffy's, please.

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