Friday, December 30, 2011

Spring is a Comin' + Must See Leathers

Well the only new merchandise in the Philly store this week are some Timberland boots at $79.99; decent stuff, even saw a few pairs marked with Woolrich wool on the outside of them. Don't know if these went to other stores, supposedly there no trucks this week, so it may have been a hold-over from a prior week.

Otherwise, the store is getting ready for inventory, and then the Spring merchandise. Inventory is happening next weekend from what I've been told, so I'd estimate Spring goodies to start arriving in two weeks. And yes, that should be decent merchandise, not the junk we've been getting for the last few months.

Mostly unrelated, but I've been a big proponent of bringing in leather goods to Daffy's. It's a veritably untapped marked in this country for guys in terms of discounters stocking the stuff, and I happened to stumble across one manufacturer that doesn't appear to have any of its wares over at Yoox, so should be ample room for Daffy's to take a bite if they actually wanted to try something new for a change. I'm sort of drooling over some of the stuff -- Il Riccio, and its sister brand, Oxide. Imagine if this kind of stuff was available at decent prices. I for one would run to Daffy's to get a hold of these kinds of bags.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Swimwear for Christmas?

Well, first off happy holidays to everyone out there.

Second -- for some reason a rather large selection of bathing suits from Bottom's Out came into Philly this week. Not really sure why, wish someone had an explanation. I've only seen Bottom's Out stuff in the sleepwear area, so not sure about quality, probably nothing great. But it's cheap stuff, so may be worth a look if you're taking a vacation this winter to a warmer climate and need some trunks.

Other stuff -- activewear from a brand called Thriv, all of which had this rather odd zippered back pocket on the rear; and boots from Marco Feretti -- normally the shoes they get in under this label are pretty awful - square-toed and out of style, but the boots are not half bad. Sort of motorcycle inspired, and some buckles on them. Nothing tremendous, but at least better than 3/4 of the merchandise that's been sitting around.

As a quick note, I've been advised that Spring children's merchandise will be hitting the stores in a few weeks, so I expect menswear to be appearing shortly thereafter, maybe beginning of February. I will post a more exact date once I get more info.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Suits in @ Philly

Well I didn't see much else of note other than a batch of new suits labeled Aquaviva (made in Italy). Not sure whether these made it into other locations, but I wouldn't worry about that if I were you - quality on these things seemed pretty poor, and while they seemed better than, say, the ENYILE suits that have been sitting around since July, I wouldn't be buying them - construction was pretty bad and styling just seemed boxy. All were marked at $199.99 w/original retail of $795. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

New 20% Off Coupon

Just a quick note -- Daffy's emailed out another 20% off coupon earlier this week which is good until the 24th. If you didn't get the email, the coupon is printable off of the main page of, under the 'Weekly Promo' tab. Not much to buy right now, but if you need a last minute gift for someone, this will come in handy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Worthless Stock at Daffy's

Sad to say, but we're well beyond the point where even decent merchandise is coming in, and now the stores are simply getting in random stuff to fill up the racks. The Philly store is in such a bad state that I wound up using my 20% off coupon on a pair of pajama bottoms.

Case in point - here are the items that came in at the end of last week -

Athletic-wear from Head - more well known for tennis rackets; Some outerwear from Dickies under what I believe was its Stormies label; a handful of windbreakers from Beverly Hills Polo Club and some truly awful sweaters from a label called Rodi-Mood - 100% acrylic. How can a store legitimately convince itself that it can sell sweaters from China retailing around $10 and made entirely of acrylic, right next to Italian-made sweaters made of merino wool and cashmere that are retailing between $50-$120?

The only saving grace was that I noticed a raincoat from Hawke & Co. (literally one in the whole store from what I saw) - nothing phenomenal, but better than most of the new merchandise I've seen in the last few weeks outside of the new store on 44th & Broadway in NYC. The interesting thing about it was that it not only had the regular Daffy's hangtags, but it also had a label from Off 5th (the Saks closeout store), and the Daffy's price was $50 cheaper. See pic to the right. I don't believe this was bought from Off 5th, as the vendor code indicates that it was purchased direct from Hawke & Co. and the jacket seemed too clean to have had a prior retail life at another chain, but your guess is as good as mine.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New In @ Philly + Daffy's Friends and Family Discount

Nothing really new down hear in the past few weeks. A few Beau & Brummel sportcoats showed up (see prior posts), and a few pairs of shoes from Bacco Bucci (nothing to get excited about).

On a positive note, they were handing out Friends and Family Discount cards today good for 20% off an entire purchase between 12/11-12/13. Don't know if they're handing out at every Daffy's, but can't imagine it's limited to Philly.

UPDATE: Check your email. Daffy's sent out digital versions of the 20% off coupon this afternoon (12/10).

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap Part 2 - Marshall's Shoe Parade

Well to my surprise, a number of Marshalls in New Jersey were carrying Santoni (made in Italy) shoes for $99.99 (though, for some reason, the NYC store had them marked at $299.99).  That being said I took some pics of what I could find. Enjoy. There's one more update tomorrow or this weekend still about the suits available at Marshalls/TJ's, though, those are almost exclusive to the NYC area or at least major urban centers. Many locations also had shoes from Sergio Rossi (made in Italy) -- they make shoes under the Gucci label as well - $299.99; Dolce and Gabbana (made in Italy) - I believe $299.99; Prada (made in Italy) - $299.99; Cesare Paciotti (made in Italy) - $99.99;Boemos (made in Italy) - $99.99 - yes, the same Boemos that comes into Daffy's, just this stuff is usually a small selection of loafers; Adolfo Carli (made in Italy) - $129.99; and something called HAL (made in Italy) - also $129.99 - wouldn't be surprised if this brand came from Adolfo Carli.

Santonis - Pair 1
Santonis - Pair 2
Santonis - Pair 3
Santonis - Pair 4
Santonis - Pair 5
Santonis - Pair 6
Santonis - Pair 7

Adolfo Carli
Cesare Paciotti Spring Merchandise is Up in Full

Huge amount of new merchandise up at for their Spring collection.  A lot of great items thus far. Feel free to post your favorites here, or tweet us a link via @yellowbaggers on Twitters. We'll be adding links via Twitter as to some items that my pop up at Daffy's in the spring time.

Highly suggested to go to first, so that you have access to the European selection of goods, as they seem to filter out a number of designers to the American audience for some reason (i.e., Jey Cole Man) - possibly due to the fact that Daffy's sells a bit of it here in the States.