Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap Part 2 - Marshall's Shoe Parade

Well to my surprise, a number of Marshalls in New Jersey were carrying Santoni (made in Italy) shoes for $99.99 (though, for some reason, the NYC store had them marked at $299.99).  That being said I took some pics of what I could find. Enjoy. There's one more update tomorrow or this weekend still about the suits available at Marshalls/TJ's, though, those are almost exclusive to the NYC area or at least major urban centers. Many locations also had shoes from Sergio Rossi (made in Italy) -- they make shoes under the Gucci label as well - $299.99; Dolce and Gabbana (made in Italy) - I believe $299.99; Prada (made in Italy) - $299.99; Cesare Paciotti (made in Italy) - $99.99;Boemos (made in Italy) - $99.99 - yes, the same Boemos that comes into Daffy's, just this stuff is usually a small selection of loafers; Adolfo Carli (made in Italy) - $129.99; and something called HAL (made in Italy) - also $129.99 - wouldn't be surprised if this brand came from Adolfo Carli.

Santonis - Pair 1
Santonis - Pair 2
Santonis - Pair 3
Santonis - Pair 4
Santonis - Pair 5
Santonis - Pair 6
Santonis - Pair 7

Adolfo Carli
Cesare Paciotti

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  1. Where can I get santoni pairs #5 and 6? which Marshalls were they at?