Monday, January 7, 2013

More on PEURIST + Another Discounter Bites the Dust

We've started adding more to our line of Royal Hem (made in Italy) items to the website -- some great blazers, and a beautiful linen/cotton blend suit for Spring -- more will be added this week, and pants/shorts will be added next week - check it all out at PEURIST.COM

And a quick bit of local news for those in the NJ/NYC area, local discounter Big M Stores, owner of Mandee's and Annie Sez, has filed for bankruptcy today, citing the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy as ruining its turnaround plans. Full story here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year! It's 5:40am, and I'm trying to get this site to a point where people can actually buy something on it by 5pm today. Hasn't exactly been the easiest thing to put together a full time job (one that generally extends well beyond the 9-5 hours), but I love the merchandise and really want to make this brand into something special. Hope everyone out there will at least come take a look at the items we have up for sale -- more will be added later in the week, on a daily or semi-daily basis as time allows.