Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Inventory Time!

While I have been bagging on Daffy's merchandise in recent posts, there are definitely still some nice items if you take the time to sift through the lesser-quality merchandise. And starting today, you'll get an extra 25% off select Fall merchandise.

I've been told that inventory (at least at one of the stores) is taking place on January 10th, so if you want to wait a few weeks, you'll likely get some bigger discounts.

Personally, I just can't wait til the Spring merchandise comes in so I can [hopefully] get myself some better quality suits -- the best merchandise always comes in in the beginning of the season (probably end of February/early March), though 'best' is relative given this past season's poor selection.

Monday, December 13, 2010

$30 Suit Update

Was able to take pictures of the brand -- 'Romano Le Collezioni' -- see below. Apparently, however, the price on these suits was changed from $30 to $90. Did Daffy's corporate get the message?

Just as a side note, if you ever see anything which says 'Designed in Italy', or 'Fabric Designed in Italy', that's a sign that the garment is not actually made in Italy, and you're likely dealing w/inferior goods -- as is the case w/these suits.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Daffy's -- Home of the $30 Suit?!?

Well, I was going to write a post explaining Daffy's business model and how they are different from other closeout stores. But today's visit to my home-base store made me push that back a bit longer -- for now I have another 'What Were They Thinking?!?' post to add to the collection (see: Bill Cosby Sweaters, below).

So -- Daffy's men's suit collection has been horrible this season. They loaded up at the beginning of the season on sister brands called 'FB Class' (to be mentioned in a later post) and 'Linen Sartoriale' -- both made in Italy, but horrible quality. They had those brands last spring and they didn't sell, yet they loaded the stores again with them this fall and now all you see on their sale racks are those suits.

However, this post is not about those two brands. Daffy's buyers apparently decided that to remedy the poor suit selection this Fall/Winter, they would bring in some uber-cheap Italian-wannabe suits. I didn't get a chance to take pictures this time, but if you see anything marked 'Romano Le Collezioni', stay far-far away. My local Daffy's had 2 or 3 racks full of these 3-button, poorly constructed suits, all marked at $30.

One of the reasons I have loved Daffy's up until now is because their suit selection was unparalleled in terms of price and quality. They never carried department-store brand suits like you'd find at Burlington Coat Factory, Filene's, Syms, etc... -- always good closeouts from Italy. But now they're selling complete and utter junk - lower quality than what those other stores are selling. Other suit brands I've seen recently at Daffy's include Axcess, sold at Kohl's, and some random tuxedos made in Bulgaria which apparently came from Boscov's.

If this blog post ever reaches anyone at Daffy's Corporate, please ask yourselves -- Is anyone going to buy a $30 suit when they know right away it's going to be sub-par merchandise?