Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Snacks and Socks

Just for fun, I wanted to document what I believe to be some of the more absurd items being sold down here in the Philly men's dept. at Daffy's. The first is an introduction that came in last week -- assorted gourmet snacks, including pretzels, chocolate and popcorn. Nothing against selling this stuff, but I don't think it belongs in the men's department, nor on the first floor next to the entrance way where temperatures are likely to vary. I just fear it starts moving Daffy's towards TJMaxx/Marshalls territory, which is not the image I have of the store.

And from the 'Who Ever Thought This Would Sell?' category -- Compression socks and 'Diabetic Luxury' socks. Sadly, the people who need these things aren't likely to be able to physically make it into the stores to purchase them.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fluff Time

It's that time of year again when Daffy's racks are loaded w/fluff to fill up the store. It's weird, yes, we're only 1 month into Spring, yet 90% of all the good merchandise has already come and gone. Not how this should be done, but I have no control over it at the moment...but, one day...

Anyway, here's the fluff that came in -- t-shirts from Report Collection - not horrible, esp. at around $9 each for some solid v-necks; t-shirts and sweatshirts from Mad Gringo - don't know where they came across this stuff, but it's nothing special.

Suits from Calvin Klein ($199) and Michael Kors ($169). This is stuff you can get for the same or better prices at TJMaxx and Burlington Coat Factory. Not worth your time IMHO - it just doesn't compare to the better items we're used to.

Accessories - TONS of ties came in under the Geoffrey Beene label and some Ben Sherman. Ben Sherman ties are not awful, but Beene items should not be stocked at Daffy's, period - the stuff is simply below any standard of quality that should be sold at the store.

The non-fluff items -- a handful (read four or five) suits from Lombardelli (made in Italy) -- marked Sartoria Italiana Lombardelli. Can't find much about the company other than what is on the linked page, but the quality seems pretty good on these things. The hang tags are marked 'SAMPLE' and they are retailing at $139. The styling is wanting on a few of the items I saw -- some very traditional three-button suits; but I saw one unlined wool suit, perfect for Spring/Summer, which made me hopeful that some better items came into other stores.

Other bits -- shoes from Mauri Moda (made in Italy), mostly sandals including items from Pregunta and Madison in the Birkenstock vane. Also a smattering of shoes from Bacco Bucci (made in Italy) -- again the styling on these things was pretty awful, but there were one or two pieces worth looking at. And other items not so great -- casual shoes from Credo and a random collection of boat shoes from a label called Freeman - 'Rugged Coastal Wear'.

So overall this week, it seems any chance we've got of decent stuff coming in on a consistent basis won't happen again until around July when the Fall items are likely to start trickling in. Quite a shame, but will keep updating the blog if something of value makes its way to stores.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Slow Week

Not many headturners this week - most of what came in was simply bits and pieces of more merchandise that has already been in the store. A few Daniele Fiesoli/Wool & Co. (made in Italy) knits came in, all marked AS IS. Also noticed a few wool blazers from Zanetti Elements. I believe Zanetti is a decent company, but this diffusion line is made in China and not really worth your time.

For those that didn't notice the comment thread in the prior post, our friend 'Q' pointed out a small selection of new ties that came in. Labels included Holland & Sherry (this is a fabric maker from the UK), Tom James and even Jack Spade. The vendor code on these things indicates they are likely closeouts from Gitman Brothers. There were also ties from a different vendor from G.J. Cahn. And one other note from Q -- wooden handled, 16-rib doorman umbrellas from Leighton, going for $11. May take you a minute to figure out where the umbrella stand is in a given store, but these are worth taking the extra minute to find if you want something nice.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekend Update

Quick weekend update -- The big get of the week was knitwear from Nanibon/Fiume (made in Italy) - probably the best made knitwear that comes in to Daffy's. This included some buttondowns this year, and some really awesome woven belts (check the belt section - they are Nanibon-branded, $29.99-$39.99) -- will take some pics of the ones I purchased.

Also came in -- a tiny bit more merchandise from Patrizia Pepe (made in Italy), including some more accessories. Shoes also came in from Donald Pliner -- make sure if you're looking at buying these that you get ones marked 'made in the mountains of Italy' -- the ones in the blue box w/out that slogan are made over in China and are not styled as well as the Italian ones.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quick Note + Happy Holidays

Just a quick note -- b/c of the holiday weekend, all Daffy's are apparently receiving their Friday trucks today. So anything good coming out this week, should likely be out on the floor by mid-late afternoon today, or tomorrow morning.

And happy holidays to all that celebrate something this weekend. I will be eating the 'unleavened bread' and drinking Manischewitz for the next 8 days :P...though will admit I'm looking forward to Matzah Brei (those that never had it should try - great stuff).