Brands List

Many of you have requested this for a while; finally had a chance to put together an initial list of brands to watch out for while you're at Daffy's; so far it's just a 'best of' list. There will also likely be a 'Mediocre' list, and an 'Avoid at All Costs' list... But for right now, these are the brands that appear with at least some frequency at Daffy's and are worth your money, most of which are pretty unknown, so be attentive when you shop. (Updated 12/6/11)

General Brands (Produce Bits of Everything) Shirts Pants Outerwear/Leathers
Bryan Husky A. Basile Aquascutum Alex & Co. 
Futuro/Asfalto/Bocodo Admiral's Cup Bamford & Sons Alfie Bobo
Gazzarrini Age Ballerini Compagnia Delle Pelli
Hacienda Publica Agho Edward Zerosettanta
Jey Cole Man Alea Facconable
Les Copains Alessandro Gherardeschi Giab's Ties
Messagerie Arfango Incotex Altea
Messori B>More Mabitex Carven
Patrizia Pepe Barbarigo Mabitex Daks
Paul & Shark Blu by Renato Balestra
Daniel Dolce
Rice Bonser Knitwear Fabio Feretti
Transit Brual Daniele Fiesoli Galieni
Xagon Man Cleveland Fiume Gianfranco Ferre
Covent Garden Milkywear Guy Laroche
Suits/Blazers Culturata Nannibon Moschino
Charles Tyrwhitt Del Siena Solosali
Copen Group (hang tag w/crest) – also pants Dino Erro Teodori
Hackett Golf Club Wool & Co.
Ortenzi HB by Alea Shoes
Pennesi Henry Brook Bacco Bucci

Marcus Bait
Royal Hem Massimo Accai Boemos
Sartoriani Mastai Ferreti Diesel
Simon Peet Mauro S. Donald Pliner
Tombolini Milena Douglas
Via de Medici
Mylord/Milord Enrico Fantini

Puetrey J. Shoes

Renato Balestra Logan

Rosso Malaspino Martin Dingman

Yorker University Mo's

PF Flyers