Friday, April 13, 2012

Slow Week

Not many headturners this week - most of what came in was simply bits and pieces of more merchandise that has already been in the store. A few Daniele Fiesoli/Wool & Co. (made in Italy) knits came in, all marked AS IS. Also noticed a few wool blazers from Zanetti Elements. I believe Zanetti is a decent company, but this diffusion line is made in China and not really worth your time.

For those that didn't notice the comment thread in the prior post, our friend 'Q' pointed out a small selection of new ties that came in. Labels included Holland & Sherry (this is a fabric maker from the UK), Tom James and even Jack Spade. The vendor code on these things indicates they are likely closeouts from Gitman Brothers. There were also ties from a different vendor from G.J. Cahn. And one other note from Q -- wooden handled, 16-rib doorman umbrellas from Leighton, going for $11. May take you a minute to figure out where the umbrella stand is in a given store, but these are worth taking the extra minute to find if you want something nice.

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