Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekend Update

Quick weekend update -- The big get of the week was knitwear from Nanibon/Fiume (made in Italy) - probably the best made knitwear that comes in to Daffy's. This included some buttondowns this year, and some really awesome woven belts (check the belt section - they are Nanibon-branded, $29.99-$39.99) -- will take some pics of the ones I purchased.

Also came in -- a tiny bit more merchandise from Patrizia Pepe (made in Italy), including some more accessories. Shoes also came in from Donald Pliner -- make sure if you're looking at buying these that you get ones marked 'made in the mountains of Italy' -- the ones in the blue box w/out that slogan are made over in China and are not styled as well as the Italian ones.


  1. Finally got back to the Philly store after a brief hiatus...a few good things: Quality ties are back (perhaps our skinny tie hell has ended?), including several great wool ties from a small shop in Roanoke, VA, called Davidson's and Holland & Sherry (a premier British fabric producer). Another good buy is the Leighton doorman umbrella (16 ribs versus the usual 8...real wood handle)...very high quality for the $11 they are charging.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I will have this in a full post when I have more time to get around to it, but the vendor code indicates that the ties you noticed are closeouts from Gitman Brothers -- I also noticed one from Jack Spade there w/the same code.

  3. looking forward to it...Davidson's is the manufacturer...interesting to see it was sold through Gitman's, though....hope they get more!