Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Worthless Stock at Daffy's

Sad to say, but we're well beyond the point where even decent merchandise is coming in, and now the stores are simply getting in random stuff to fill up the racks. The Philly store is in such a bad state that I wound up using my 20% off coupon on a pair of pajama bottoms.

Case in point - here are the items that came in at the end of last week -

Athletic-wear from Head - more well known for tennis rackets; Some outerwear from Dickies under what I believe was its Stormies label; a handful of windbreakers from Beverly Hills Polo Club and some truly awful sweaters from a label called Rodi-Mood - 100% acrylic. How can a store legitimately convince itself that it can sell sweaters from China retailing around $10 and made entirely of acrylic, right next to Italian-made sweaters made of merino wool and cashmere that are retailing between $50-$120?

The only saving grace was that I noticed a raincoat from Hawke & Co. (literally one in the whole store from what I saw) - nothing phenomenal, but better than most of the new merchandise I've seen in the last few weeks outside of the new store on 44th & Broadway in NYC. The interesting thing about it was that it not only had the regular Daffy's hangtags, but it also had a label from Off 5th (the Saks closeout store), and the Daffy's price was $50 cheaper. See pic to the right. I don't believe this was bought from Off 5th, as the vendor code indicates that it was purchased direct from Hawke & Co. and the jacket seemed too clean to have had a prior retail life at another chain, but your guess is as good as mine.


  1. Any idea if 44th and Broadway store has obtained any quality items over the last week or two?

  2. Couldn't tell you, as I'm down in Philadelphia and only head up to NYC every month and change.
    But I wouldn't be surprised if something worthwhile came into that location in the last few weeks; another commenter noted that 34th and 57th East Side had gotten in knitwear from a company called JUMS (http://www.jumsltd.com/) which seemed to be decent.

  3. I went yesterday to 44th and Broadway store. It looks like they did not bring anything worth noting in the past two-three weeks. Same stuff they had at the opening minus the Italian items already sold. I picked up three well made Italian scarves,a Patrizia Pepe tie (the only one in the store), a Gazzarrini belt (the only one in the store) and a Daniele Fagioli cardigan - very well made.