Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Suits in @ Philly

Well I didn't see much else of note other than a batch of new suits labeled Aquaviva (made in Italy). Not sure whether these made it into other locations, but I wouldn't worry about that if I were you - quality on these things seemed pretty poor, and while they seemed better than, say, the ENYILE suits that have been sitting around since July, I wouldn't be buying them - construction was pretty bad and styling just seemed boxy. All were marked at $199.99 w/original retail of $795. 

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  1. Yes - the Times Square location got a bunch of these hideous suits in as well.

    Managers have told me the dearth of good merchandise at Daffy's is the direct result of Italy's poor economy. Italy is simply not producing as much "stuff" as it once was. Therefore Daffy's can no longer buy "their leftovers" as it always has (at least - not to the extent it once did).