Friday, December 30, 2011

Spring is a Comin' + Must See Leathers

Well the only new merchandise in the Philly store this week are some Timberland boots at $79.99; decent stuff, even saw a few pairs marked with Woolrich wool on the outside of them. Don't know if these went to other stores, supposedly there no trucks this week, so it may have been a hold-over from a prior week.

Otherwise, the store is getting ready for inventory, and then the Spring merchandise. Inventory is happening next weekend from what I've been told, so I'd estimate Spring goodies to start arriving in two weeks. And yes, that should be decent merchandise, not the junk we've been getting for the last few months.

Mostly unrelated, but I've been a big proponent of bringing in leather goods to Daffy's. It's a veritably untapped marked in this country for guys in terms of discounters stocking the stuff, and I happened to stumble across one manufacturer that doesn't appear to have any of its wares over at Yoox, so should be ample room for Daffy's to take a bite if they actually wanted to try something new for a change. I'm sort of drooling over some of the stuff -- Il Riccio, and its sister brand, Oxide. Imagine if this kind of stuff was available at decent prices. I for one would run to Daffy's to get a hold of these kinds of bags.

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