Saturday, December 24, 2011

Swimwear for Christmas?

Well, first off happy holidays to everyone out there.

Second -- for some reason a rather large selection of bathing suits from Bottom's Out came into Philly this week. Not really sure why, wish someone had an explanation. I've only seen Bottom's Out stuff in the sleepwear area, so not sure about quality, probably nothing great. But it's cheap stuff, so may be worth a look if you're taking a vacation this winter to a warmer climate and need some trunks.

Other stuff -- activewear from a brand called Thriv, all of which had this rather odd zippered back pocket on the rear; and boots from Marco Feretti -- normally the shoes they get in under this label are pretty awful - square-toed and out of style, but the boots are not half bad. Sort of motorcycle inspired, and some buckles on them. Nothing tremendous, but at least better than 3/4 of the merchandise that's been sitting around.

As a quick note, I've been advised that Spring children's merchandise will be hitting the stores in a few weeks, so I expect menswear to be appearing shortly thereafter, maybe beginning of February. I will post a more exact date once I get more info.

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