Thursday, December 8, 2011

New In @ Philly + Daffy's Friends and Family Discount

Nothing really new down hear in the past few weeks. A few Beau & Brummel sportcoats showed up (see prior posts), and a few pairs of shoes from Bacco Bucci (nothing to get excited about).

On a positive note, they were handing out Friends and Family Discount cards today good for 20% off an entire purchase between 12/11-12/13. Don't know if they're handing out at every Daffy's, but can't imagine it's limited to Philly.

UPDATE: Check your email. Daffy's sent out digital versions of the 20% off coupon this afternoon (12/10).


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  2. Post of "WP", above, modified for privacy reasons:

    Thanks for keeping all of us updated.

    If you ever come across blazers or suits in 36 by Gazzarrini, Wembley Road, or Tombolini I will gladly pay you a finder's fee (whatever mark-up you think is fair), and pay shipping to NY.

    At the same time, I know you're also a 36, but if it's something you don't want, then I'll take it off your hands.

    I only do 2 button jackets or suits.

  3. took a look at the Philly location yesterday; really nothing of any substance whatsoever. It seems to me the stock (at least in Philly) has been getting worse and worse over the last several months (a great example is with ties, where there was always a great selection of Italian-made, high-quality ties, and now there are tons of skinny ties from Penguin, Michael Kors, and Geoffrey Bean junk). Would have loved to use my discount; but, there was nothing of quality to choose from. Hope the store isn't going the way of Syms.....

  4. Yeah, philly has been brutal the last couple of months. If it's any consolation, the only New York store of any substance when I visited three weeks ago was the new one at 44th and Broadway. I keep being told that 'major changes' are coming, but we'll see; this generally tends to be the pattern in terms of the first few months get in the best merchandise and then the rest of the season we get filler. I wound up using my coupon on a pair of pajama pants of all things.