Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quick Recap

Quick recap of the last week - Patrizia Pepe (made in Italy) made its appearance for the season. Some really nice stuff from what we got here in Philly, though a very limited selection. A number of shirts, pants and sweaters, plus two leather jackets -- one of which I purchased for myself, the other being slightly out of my price-range, but it was this amazing black shearling jacket (pictures to come). I believe other stores, esp. in NYC, likely got a much wider selection or at least a larger volume of merchandise, as I did not even see a singular wool coat, which was quite surprising, and all of two blazers - one of which, the arm and inner lining were completely in shambles (NOTE TO DAFFY'S: Do us a favor, and check your merchandise before it goes out to stores -- this one was NOT marked 'AS IS' and was worth maybe half what you were asking in its current state)

Lots of merchandise from Seven For All Mankind including a lot of leather jackets and wool coats. Some really great prices on all the stuff -- coats at $99.99, and the leathers at $199.99. Much better priced than the jeans that came in last season, though, this stuff is clearly a few seasons old, so your paying less for something which is slightly out of style.

Samples from Ross Graison -- apparently he's a designer local to the NYC area, but I can't find much about him. The stuff was interesting to say the least, but it's a very particular sense of style, of which I'm not really a fan. Decently made, but really a personal-taste kind of thing - you either love it or hate it.

Also, some pretty awful suits from a label called Cigliano. These things are made in China, and pretty bad; At $99.99, they could be going for about half that and I don't think people would be buying them.

More interesting bits and pieces -- blazers from Karl Momoo (made in Italy), Kuhlman (made in Italy), and a few random pieces from Censured (Space 2000 SpA, also makes Bomb Boogie), Ibiza and Sottotono (made in Italy) -- stay away from these last two if you see them

Thought to ponder --- Now, here's what's interesting about all this stuff -- normally you don't really see most of this merchandise until much later in the season, especially Patrizia Pepe. And it's quite unusual that everything has really been dumped into stores at once. Two theories which come to mind, perhaps one of which is correct, or a combination of both:
1. The new CEO/buyers are essentially getting rid of whatever merchandise that was purchased by the previous buyer for this season, up-front, thus making more room for their purchases a bit later on in the season.
2. Someone has wised up and decided that rather than let this stuff sit in the warehouse, it's put out into stores immediately, allowing for quicker turnover.

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