Sunday, July 3, 2011

NYC + NJ - What to Expect in the Next Few Weeks

Well, based on some reports I was under the impression that Fall merchandise was already trickling into the NYC stores, which is not the case. Eight Daffy's stores in two days, and not one has officially put out Fall stuff yet (even though half of Century 21's floor is covered in Fall merchandise, which happens to include leather jackets from Compagnia Delle Pelli and knitwear from Fiume).

Most of the NYC stores have received their first batch of Fall merchandise, but, like the NJ stores, all the stuff is under lock and key in the back until inventory takes place and they're told the merchandise can be put on the floor. Herald Square happened to have a few Jey Coleman pieces already out (read: two blazers, one vest), but I think that was a mistake by one of the stockists (see pics -- not the best of what's to come for the fall, but the vest in particular was quite nice, and should give you an idea of what to expect -- heavy wools and knits with a very mature look; the hang-tag pic shows you the 'Season E' notation).

So here's the deal -- NJ stores will be doing inventory early this week, and will be putting out the fall merchandise thereafter - so by the end of this week almost all the NJ stores should have their first bit of Fall merchandise out. From what I was told, NY stores still have another week and change til inventory takes place (much like the Philly store), and the Fall merchandise will come out afterwards - so two weeks-ish. Until then, we're out of luck aside from some spring leftovers.

Here's what to expect so far in the first run of Fall merchandise: Lots of beautiful items from Jey Coleman (made in Italy), Suits, Blazers and Pants from FB/FB Class/Kevin Up (made in Italy), and shirts from Asso di Cuori and Roberta Galifa (both made in Italy). IMHO, the only stuff in that batch worth your time is the JCM merchandise, but I have a feeling some of the FB blazers will be quite nice -- from what I understand there will be a lot of corduroy blazers from them this season which are likely better fare than the suits I saw in Secaucus.

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