Friday, July 1, 2011

System-Wide Updates Coming Soon

As you may have seen in the previous post, I intend on making numerous Daffy's stops this weekend. Philly for all intensive purposes is worthless at the moment -- the 'Final Floor' only has women's merchandise, and there will never be getting a men's equivalent; sheer idiocy, but not my decision (one staffer said Daffy's corporate thought men wouldn't take the elevator to a higher floor in the building....geniuses); and I've been told Fall merchandise won't appear down here for 2-3 more weeks after inventory takes place -- in the meantime, there was barely any new merchandise -- some random gray t-shirts made in italy from a brand called Teodori, and more shoes from Banana Breeze, neither of which were special at all. Though, strangely I also noticed a pair of wool pants from Tombolini (made in Italy), which is another brand that hasn't been at Daffy's in a very long time - literally, just the one pair, but thought it worth mentioning in case the NYC stores actually got a decent stock.

So, Jersey and NYC stores will be on my list this weekend, and I will be providing as many updates as I can. Hopefully there is at least a decent amount of fall merchandise already out on the floor that my excursion will be worth it. Happy 4th of July Weekend to everyone out there.

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