Sunday, July 10, 2011

One More Quibble

Just an annoyance which irked me when I was out shopping today. Those on the East Coast that are familiar with Daffy's are also likely familiar with a chain of stores called PayHalf. I've ragged on Daffy's before for carrying a lot of the same Young Men's merchandise as PayHalf, b/c PayHalf is really at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to discount retailers and the merchandise they carry.

Anyway, I happened to stumble into the PayHalf Philly location today, and noticed, aside from the Young Men's merchandise, PayHalf was also carrying Alara and Metropolitan View dress shirts, at the same or lower price than Daffy's (both $19.99 at PayHalf). I realize that the two chains likely buy a lot of their merchandise from the same distributors, but come on; I'm sick and tired of dealing with great merchandise for about two months, and then getting junk the rest of the season that can be purchased at any discounter. Fingers crossed that this Fall will set a new trend.

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