Saturday, July 2, 2011

NJ Daffy's Updates

Made it to four Daffy's locations today on my drive up the NJ Turnpike. I was actually surprised at the fact that they had no fall merchandise out yet and that the selection was just as bad as in Philadelphia at the moment. Some additional merchandise which I noticed that I didn't see in Philly or may have passed over in Philly - decent suede chukkas from Kenneth Cole Reaction, a good assortment of new casual sneakers from PF Flyers (picked up a pair for myself), canvas sneakers from Robert Wayne, some boots from Timberland Earthkeepers, and shirts (in wrapping) from Metropolitan View (which I believe is a Bloomingdale's house-brand). Nothing particularly special, except for a few bits and pieces of sale merchandise which I picked up for myself (was particularly upset at the fact that a beautiful Gazzarrini nehru-collar shirt was not on sale at Jersey Gardens; all Gazzarrini stuff is on sale, but it didn't come up in the register, and the manager wouldn't make an adjustment :P)

But here's the important info -- all NJ locations will be doing inventory next week, and soon thereafter will be putting out Fall merchandise. I happened to get a sneak peek at one of the stores I visited, and from what I understand, just about all NJ stores will be putting out a decent assortment of Jey Coleman (made in Italy) next week (varies depending upon when inventory happens) -- in fact they have the merchandise in stock already, but are not allowed to put it out/sell it until the buyer gives the go-ahead (honestly, if I were running these places, I'd just get my merchandise out and moving, esp. if a guy like me comes along who wants to spend hundreds of dollars in one shot, but, sadly, I have no say in this...) -- though, DO NOT expect JCM at the Totowa, NJ store, and based on past history, unlikely at the East Hanover store either.

The merchandise itself from JCM is quite awesome, in fact those of you that are unfamiliar with Jey Coleman, I would urge you to at least take a quick stop at your local Daffy's in the next few weeks as the stuff looks amazing.  Lots of blazers, shirts, knits and pants. Only downside is that prices have gone up a decent amount from what we've been used to, probably due to the cost of raw materials (ex. - wool blazer that would have been maybe $99.99 in previous years will run you roughly $149.99-$169.99). Other than JCM, the stores are also stocked w/lots of fall suits and pants from FB/FB Class/Kevin Up..., which I personally detest -- the Secaucus storefront in fact already had the suits on the floor. (Note: Fall merchandise will be marked w/season code E on the hang-tags).

I will be hitting the NYC stores tomorrow, good chance I will make at least 3, hoping for 4 -- starting off in Soho, make my way up north to 34th, and 57th & Lex (possibly an additional stop at 18th St. if time permits).

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