Saturday, September 10, 2011

Update, Week of 9/10

Well, even though the Fashion's Night Out special deliveries were a bit underwhelming, some nice stuff came into the Philly store in the last day or so. Quick rundown of the notables that came in this week, some of which were quite good --

Shoes from Boemos (made in Italy) - various styles of shoes from Boemos, one of the best lines that Daffy's gets in. Unsure which other stores would have received them as well because the last shipment of Italian shoes did not make it into any stores other than 34th St. in NYC, and a few random bits in the Jersey stores.

Shirts from Alea/Rosso Malaspino (made in Italy) - Glad to see that the handful of shirts which came in a few weeks ago was only a small taste of Alea merchandise for this season. Almost two full racks of shirts from Alea Fashion Industries were out on the floor today, including items from Harry Brook, Rosso Malaspino, HB by Alea, and Alea. All great stuff, though I noticed some of the shirts indicated 'Made in Moldova,' if that matters.

Suits/Coats from Copen Group (made in Italy) - A number of suits came in, as indicated in the previous post, under the Pennesi label. Other stores will likely be getting this stuff in as well (probably 34th St and 57th & Lex). Today they had a handful of wool coats from Copen Group as well, labeled under Basile and Pennesi. There was a really beautiful gray houndstooth coat in an 80/20 wool/cashmere blend, though a bit much for my tastes. We'll probably see sportcoats and pants in the next week or so. Hopefully some items from Royal Hem will pop up as well.

Coats from FB (made in Italy) - not the worst stuff on the floor right now in terms of winter coats, but still not my favorite brand. The better-made items will say 'SAMPLE' on the price tag, and will not have FB markings on the coat itself.

Shearlings from Owen Barry (made in England) - these are really well made, but honestly the styling needs a huge update. As I mentioned in the prior post, these didn't exactly sell very well last year, in fact at one of the Daffy's I used to frequent, they were giving salespeople $5/coat if they helped a customer purchase one. At $399.99 each, they're steeply priced for Daffy's goods, but if you want something warm, you probably can't do much better.

Coats from Kenneth Cole and Rialto (made in Italy) -- A number of wool coats came in from the Kenneth Cole label (made by GIII Apparel Group - they make a ton of wool coats in China for many of the mainstream American labels), as well as a huge batch of coats from Rialto. Neither label's merchandise was particularly special.

Cashmere sweaters from CH Classics - made in China stuff, but they're cashmere, so they're likely pretty decent. I didn't pay too much attention to them, but there's certainly a lot of them on the floor right now, as well as items from Uomo Bravo (the Daffy's house brand).

Jeans from William Rast - All $64.99; Mentioned these in the previous post.

Shoes from Robert Wayne - nothing really special, but they got a few shelves worth here in Philly.

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