Saturday, September 17, 2011

Quick Rundown

Had a long week at the job in Philly, decided I needed an equally long drive. So, I went up the Jersey Turnpike hitting several Daffy's in search of shoes from Boemos, shirts from Alea and bits and pieces from Copen Group... Here's the quick rundown of what I saw in terms of new merchandise - many of you will be quite interested in the pants -

More leathers from Compagnia Delle Pelli (made in Italy) - seems like almost all the stores got a small restock of CDP leathers. Great stuff, though it seems these are all CDP branded, and are mostly in larger sizes.

Lots of jackets, sportcoats and some suits from a company called Scott James - nothing really terrific, but better quality than most of the non-Italian stuff they usually get in. Unsure what I think of the aesthetic - thoughts? Here's a link to the company's website - LINK

The Alea shirts had an interesting label I hadn't seen much of in past seasons, but if you come across shirts from G.V. Conte, take a look. Quite interesting pieces to say the least. 

Some pants from Giab's (made in Italy) seemed to have trickled into stores. Nothing in huge volumes, maybe a handful of pairs per store if you're lucky. Giab's produces for, among others, Aquascutum and Bamford & Sons.

And here's the bit that I think many have been waiting for patiently this season -- a small handful of Incotex pants were available at the Secaucus location. I picked up a pair of corduroys for myself, $16.99, marked 'As Is' due to some imperfections. But here's the key takeaway --- none of the other stores had these yet, and given my past history w/Secaucus, they often put out merchandise a week before every other store gets them b/c the store is connected to the warehouse. So -- you have been apprised of this info before the stuff even gets into the stores --- I exepect Incotex pants to be making their appearance in every other store this upcoming week. Get there early, b/c these things never last - great quality and huge resale market b/c of the insanely low prices. Unsure what variety to expect, but based on the Secaucus showing, don't expect a wide selection; and I didn't see any wools at all. I am going to reach out to Daffy's to see what the story is w/pants from Mabitex this season, as those are usually the first things to hit stores. Will post more info as soon as I hear anything.

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  1. Lots of Incotex on E. 57th. Just picked up four pair of charcoal wool slacks (32 inch waist) at $49.99 each. Three made in Portugal; one in Romania. Lots more on the racks.34s 36s, 38s; probably other sizes too.