Saturday, September 3, 2011

Look What Popped Up at Daffy's

Well, I'll start off with the week in general - pretty lackluster.  New stuff included a few random shirts from Milena SpA (made in Italy) - good stuff, but nowhere near the amount of shirts they got from them last season (last season there were tons of Milena shirts in boxes -- i.e., Del Siena, B>More, Marcus, etc...) and we also got some more Steve Madden shoes and shoes from Impulse -- both of which I could do without.

But fortunately for Daffy's, I have something good to point out.  One of the staffers down here in Philly who knows my tastes mentioned she found some interesting labels amongst some of the sweaters, in particular... (see pic, may need to click pic to see label)

Jil Sander! (made in Italy) -- now, realize that Daffy's did NOT get in a shipment from Jil Sander. However, apparently Jil Sander knits, at least a few cardigans anyway, are made by Teodori.  I mean to find these things, you'll need to sift through everything, but there are likely a few to be had in the various stores. This particular sweater was a navy cardigan, priced at $49.99. I can promise you this would have retailed easily for over $200. In the meantime, it was, as usual, thrown in with everything else and you wouldn't know the difference. But that's the stupidity of Daffy's for you. Anyway, this was the find of the week, and at least made up for the lack of merchandise that's come in the past few weeks.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. were the jil sander items defective? jil knitwear actually often retails upwards of $400, so that is certainly a great price. PS do you offer a proxy service?

  2. I only saw one, and supposedly the one or two others were snapped up in the Philly location. The one I saw looked fine, but I didn't look it over very thoroughly. Unfortunately I don't offer a proxy service, but I'd recommend checking out