Saturday, September 3, 2011

NJ Stores Update

Made it back up to NJ for the Labor Day weekend, a few things worth mentioning that didn't come into Philly:

Suits from a company called Sartoria Antica Italiana (made in Italy); really pretty bad - construction seemed ok, but styling is far from up to date. Saw these in the Paramus, NJ store at $199.99.

And Transit (made in Italy) has already made its debut in stores -- much earlier than in prior seasons. Paramus, NJ had a nice assortment of pants, jackets and sweaters/knits. I'm assuming the NYC stores got a bunch of stuff as well; Philly, for whatever reason, never receives any Transit merchandise, even though I know it would do really well down there. Now, mind you, I was also in the Totowa, NJ store where I caught a glimpse of some of the women's labels - Transit, Gant, Liu Jo, and a lot of really high end labels --- a) that store is usually full of junk; b) why are women getting all these great things, and the men are getting shafted?....

Such are the updates for now; If anyone heads over to Daffy's over the weekend, you may be able to find some great deals in the sale racks. I picked up a Futuro shirt for $5.62, which happened to be mixed in with the regular priced shirts. If you don't want to bother looking through the clearance racks, but are interested in a possible deal, look through the regular racks of shirts, pants, etc...and look for season code 'C' on the price tag -- see this post for more info. 

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