Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More NJ Updates

(Update 9/8, picture added of Coming Soon sportcoat)
Managed to venture into a few more locations over the Labor Day weekend - the East Hanover store was the most surprising ---

For some reason only known to the folks at Daffy's corporate, they decided to place a small selection of the Hirschleifer's merchandise in the East Hanover store, along with the biggest selection I've seen this season from Messori (made in Italy) and Coming Soon by Yohji Yamamoto (made in Italy). The Hirschleifer's stuff included items from Woolrich, Gitman Bros. and Band of Outsiders -- BOO shirts (only two or three, nothing particularly special other than the fact that they were indeed BOO at Daffy's) were running $69.99. Messori merchandise was much of the usual, but the only place thus far I've seen suits, and even a nice camel-colored wool coat. The Coming Soon merchandise was really nice as well with a number of wool jackets and blazers, as well as other random bits and pieces. All priced well below retail. The store also had a very small selection of items from Transit (made in Italy), and is the only store I've seen this season with merchandise from Culturata (made in Italy), which was in the form of a few wool/cashmere blend zip-up cardigans.

I also paid a visit to the Elizabeth store which also had a few items from Coming Soon - much smaller selection than East Hanover, and a few items from Transit also. Strangely, there were also a few shirts from Cockpit, which I have yet to see at any other store.

So that's the Jersey-wide update. Sadly, I didn't get to visit the Jersey Gardens store -- the mall was literally so packed on Monday that security closed off all the entrances to the parking lot so I couldn't even get into the mall. Perhaps another day, though I don't think I missed much since the last time I visited. Philly to come again next weekend.

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