Sunday, September 25, 2011

NY Rundown

Made it up to NYC in search of shoes and pants -- didn't really find much of either, sadly, but here's the rundown --

Leather cashmere-lined gloves from Les Copains (made in Italy) retailing for $49.99. I was never expecting Daffy's to be getting in gloves from Les Copains, much less sell gloves for $50/pair. Mind you, this is a welcome surprise, but it just seems out of place when everything else sells for less than $25 in the winter section. I probably wouldn't spend $50 on gloves for myself just b/c I treat my gloves so badly, but they were very nice items. Saw them at Wall St. and Soho I believe.

Don't know why I even bothered, but the Wall St. store was again a complete bust. I had stopped at C21 for a few minutes, so I figured why not. Just a huge waist of time, though, if you do need something you can't find at another store for some reason, the racks in there are packed to the brim since no one really buys menswear down there.

Martin Dingman shoes -- only a few pairs available at 34th St. location. I did not have the chance to stop by 57th West Side or 44th & Madison, but no other stores were carrying Dingman nor any shoes from Boemos other than 34th St., which was a huge bummer considering I was looking for shoes so I didn't have to spend unneeded sums of money on

Any major sort of Incotex output seems to have happened at the 57th St. East Side store, and whatever was there is basically gone already. Every other store I visited either had nothing from Incotex, or had maybe one or two pairs. A decent selection of pants from Giab's slightly made up for the lack of Incotex there. The Soho store had a few of the weirdly-sized pants that Philly got in this week, many marked 'Trofeo 600.' (unsure what that's in reference to, but the interior tag on those Trofeo pants made it look like they were made for Zegna).

John Barritt merchandise was all over the place - coats, blazers, suits, pants, sweaters, shirts... never seen this much before, but I'll take it any day over FB, Kemitch, Sottotono, etc... 18th St. even got in some decently made scarves under the label. Also, for those of you that missed out on the Incotex pants and are looking for some wools, the John Barrit wool pants are decently constructed and are well worth the $29.99 they're asking for them. Remember, this stuff is not phenomenal quality, but it's not on the low-end either. I'd say it's middle-of-the-pack.

Finally, most stores got in a new shipment of shirts from Milena SpA (made in Italy), including shirts from B>More already out on the racks and then tons of shirts in boxes from Delsiena, Marcus, Milena and other brands, much like they had last season. Again, I wish they wouldn't leave shirts in boxes as it's a huge annoyance, but what can I do other than complain here :P

And the find of the day --- A pair of white leather chelsea boots from Coming Soon by Yohji Yamamoto (made in Italy) marked at $89.99, claiming an original price of over $800. They were not in my size, and I had absolutely no personal use for them, but they can be yours if you stop by 57th St. East Side and browse the shoe racks. 

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