Thursday, September 22, 2011

Small Update

Took a few minutes to drop by today, here are a few notes -

Lots of suits from John Barritt/Luck in Luck/Mr. Ramos, decently made stuff this season all from Mavecon SRL. Also, a number of sportcoats, sweaters, and other pieces.

Shoes from Martin Dingman seem to have made an appearance already for Fall. These didn't come in til late in the Spring season, so that's surprising. Only a few pairs in Philly, but I'd expect more in most stores over the weekend.

Philly got in its first selection of Incotex pants, but for some reason, everything was mis-labeled in terms of size. Perhaps that's why they made it to Daffy's, but if this is the case in every location, do yourself a favor and try on several sizes to make sure you're getting what you want. Very strange, but all the stuff down here in Philly so far was marked 'As Is' for $29.99, and I've heard reports of other locations getting the full-price (Daffy's full-price anyway) for the pants which are probably sized properly. But still, be slightly wary.

I've also been told there may be a new shipment of ties coming in tomorrow or early next week. Moschino/Ferre ties from Intermoda (made in Italy) have yet to come in for the season, so it's possible that may show up. Some Costume National items usually pop up in there as well, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

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