Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Special" Shipment Update

Well, underwhelmed would be the right word. I was happy to see a number of suits from Copen Group (made in Italy), almost all under the Pennesi label, though upset I did not see any sport jackets or wool coats. But the suits are nicely made, some w/Loro Piana fabric, all at $199.99. The rest of the deliveries were some  Pashmina branded faux shearlings, and a number of heavy shearlings from some place in Britain. They carried both of those lines last year, and they didn't sell; It's one thing to get in shearlings - it's another thing to get in ones that are actually stylish.

The only thing special I saw, as it were, was a small selection of jeans from William Rast all marked at $64.99.

Perhaps I will be happier this weekend when more stuff is brought onto the floor after the Friday delivery, but honestly there was very little "fashionable" about what I saw in store tonight for Fashion Night Out.

Those of you outside Philly, feel free to leave updates as to what you see. If you see any suits, sportcoats or otherwise marked "Royal Hem," definitely leave a comment.


  1. Loving the Pennesi stuff, but it was generally sz 40, even a 46 overcoat was a bit snug, but sexxxxy... I almost want to buy it just to look at it.

  2. Yeah, some of the stuff is really quite beautiful, but is often strangely over-fitted. Don't know why, just always seems to be the case with their merchandise.