Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NYC Recap

Well as I mentioned, every store has gotten in shirts from Sait (made in Italy) - parent company of Mastai Feretti and Truzzi. There is a huge amount of it in the system now so if you can't find a shirt that you like that fits you to a tee, you're not looking hard enough.  All at the insanely low price of $26.99-$29.99. Retail on all of these is well over $150/shirt, despite what the original MSRP on the hang tag may indicate.

If you didn't catch the Twitter post, a select number of stores now have linen blazers and a few summer-weight wools from David Chu (made in Italy), from $69.99 (linen) to $169.99 (wool). Some stores also had a small selection of pants and a few shirts from the Lincs brand (David Chu diffusion line sold at Dillard's). Very nice stuff and again insanely low prices -- the pants were all $19.99. Available only at 34th, 57th East Side and Philly from what I have seen thus far.

Knits came into every store from Daniele Fiesoli (made in Italy) and 34th St., 57th East Side and Soho had a small selection from Solosali (made in Italy) as well. Beautiful stuff all around, and well worth the asking prices.

g'art (made in Italy) merchandise is back after what had to have been at least a two year absence. This stuff is pretty good. Not phenomenal, but I'd say it's on par with John Barrit merchandise -- cut well, constructed decently and fully made in Italy. And unlike some other brands which are styled pretty badly (FB, Sottotono), this stuff is pretty fashion forward, though at times can be a bit tacky. Definitely take a look at these items when you get a chance -- shirts, pants, shorts, leathers, knits, a little bit of everything, but only at 34th, 57th E. Side and Soho from what I saw. Just be aware that there is liberal use of synthetics, especially in the suits.

34th St. & 57th St. had a very small selection of samples from Patrizia Pepe (made in Italy). Many items were damaged in some way and the managers would not give any discounts (I'm talking huge rips here, not just a button or two missing). However, I did manage to come across this beautiful trench coat to the left. The picture from my phone does not do it justice.

***An important note for those of you looking at these sample items - the Patrizia Pepe hang tag lists them as a size '42' EU - that is the size they put on all the samples -- Patrizia Pepe does not actually produce merchandise in that size. So you have to try on the items and see if they fit; they will all be different sizes. I know this, yet the folks at Daffy's corporate haven't figured it out after how many years of selling these items and continue to mismark the sizes on the items. Idiocy IMHO.

I also noticed a number of items from Xagon Man (made in Italy) thrown in with everything, but it appears there was not enough merchandise this year to warrant its own little selection.

A handful of shirts from Spanish shirt maker Arnau came into 57th St., West Side. And the ever illusive Incotex pants made an appearance at 57th St., East Side, in the form of literally two pairs of white cotton pants, both in larger sizes. Doubtful we will be seeing much more from that if that is all I saw.

And finally, mixed in with the white shirts in many of the NYC locations, you may just find a few Gitman Brothers or Band of Outsiders oxford button-down shirts from Hirschleifers. Don't ask me why these items were thrown in with everything else. All I can say is that Daffy's employees don't know any better.

So those were the highs of the week - mediocre stuff included a bunch of shoes from Bass and Sebago which did not seem too awful - better than the Versa items that came in a few weeks ago. Ties and folded shirts came in from Altea - nothing great - I can't understand why they continue to insist on selling the folded shirts that are such junk when there are such phenomenal Italian shirts sitting on their racks. Boggles the mind.

Low points - t-shirts from Ami Sanzuri, and suits from FB (made in Italy).

And finally, for those wondering what happened to the 44th & Broadway merchandise, I was told that they had some huge transfers out of the store in recent weeks.  The 34th St. store received a number of the high-end suits which I saw sitting on the racks incl. a few Pal Zileri (made in Italy) items.


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  2. Periodically I find pants from "Mr. Marcos" (?) Discuss: the quality seems to run the gamut from horrible to stunning. Some are cut strangely, but some are just fantastic. What is this company?

  3. I believe you're referring to Mr. Ramos. That is a brand put out by Mavecon, SRL, makers of John Barritt. It is generally on the lower end of things in terms of fabrication and is often cut larger than the John Barritt items.

  4. Thanks for the info on this shipment. I went and checked out the goods yesterday, and just have one question: how do you know whether the arms on these shirts will fit you? Unlike american shirts, there aren't any sleeve measurements.

  5. You really don't know. Generally, European goods are made in one standard length and you get items tailored from there if you need it shortened.

    As you go up in neck sizes, however, the proportion of the shirt goes up as well, which I believe will include arm length. But I've never had any issues buying straight off the rack at Daffy's, everything just seems to fit me. But if you need sleeve shortening, it's something a good tailor can handle very easily. If your arms are too long, you may be out of luck.

    Your best bet is simply trying everything on and see what fits. Even shirts from the same manufacturer in the same size fit differently at Daffy's; just the way it is. But I can put up with it for the money I save and the quality of the items.

  6. Do you know if the Pal Zileri and other high end suits on 34th Street are the same ones moved from the Times Square store?

    Do you remember the sizes and what the other high end suits are?

  7. The high end (Pal Zileri, etc...) 34th St. suits were just whatever was left over from the Times Square store. They were all larger sizes, I believe 40 on up.