Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mid-Week Update

First off, I would like to make an announcement which some of you that are members of Styleforum may have already found out - Mabitex has, from what I have been told by some folks at Daffy's HQ, gone out of business, which is why we didn't see their pants last season and won't be seeing them for the foreseeable future unless a company buys out what was left.

A moment of silence for some of the best pants we ever got to see at Daffy's.

Now...on to the better news - the good -- a few more pieces from Jey Cole Man (made in Italy) came in this week, along with some belts, ties and suspenders - these were quite awesome mind you - some in white, some in gray. I will have pictures of my Spring JCM tie collection, and my overall JCM purchases, soon (probably Monday).

Shirts are coming in at a fast pace -- Poggianti (made in Italy), Alea (made in Italy) and Sait/Mastai Ferretti (made in Italy) are already being put out onto the floor. Alea & Sait shirts are slightly better made than the Poggianti shirts, but they're all pretty good.

Unfortunately, the pants racks were FULL of the same Banana Republic branded pants again. And when I was in the store today, they were bring a giant rolling rack of Cosby sweaters from the basement w/mostly items from Birillo and Stacatto. I've told the wonderful folks at Daffy's before that this stuff simply cannot be sold here, but clearly someone never got the message. Even the manager putting out the sweaters told me that she could not understand why they kept getting them in as they never sell. Mind you, many of the Cosby sweaters this season are of such poor quality that the labels are little stickers and will peel right off the garments. Those things belong in an incinerator.

The other large shipment that came in was a TON of French Connection merchandise, including trench coats and a few leather jackets. The stuff is decent, but honestly Daffy's should be focusing on European merchandise. Not faux European merchandise which they're getting from Gordmans of all places.

That's the mid-week update for now. I'll be heading to the NJ stores this weekend to hopefully pick up whatever remaining JCM merchandise I can find - believe it or not, at least down here in Philly, I'd say 75% of that merchandise that came in last week is already gone. HINT HINT folks at Daffy's -- get in stylish, well-made, quality garments and people will purchase them. Get in junk, and the stuff will sit on your racks for the entire season. This ain't rocket science.

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