Thursday, January 19, 2012

Suits, Leathers, and Tackiness

Had to make a return to the Philly store today, so I took a peak at some of the items that came in so far this week. Suits came in from Antica Sartoria Italiana (made in Italy) (these came in last week), and a few linen/cotton blend suits from Kemitch (made in Italy) - neither of these are particularly special, but the Kemitch suits are at least cut decently and are an ok material.

Leathers samples came in from Alex & Co. (made in Italy) - some really beautiful items, including the very on-point letterman jacket seen below, and some really odd suede pants with tags indicating they were produced for Donald Pliner - there were about 5 pairs of these things, all in size XL. I can't help but think these were women's items rather than men's. Everything was between $99.99 and $129.99. Unsure if these will make it to every store, as based on what I saw in the Jersey stores, samples are being allocated to individual stores rather than across the system (see info re: Elizabeth 1/9 store in prior post).

And the worst part of the week which I fear we will all have to deal with for a while is some pretty awful stuff from Sottotono (made in Italy) and a new entrant to Daffy's this season, Ores Quinto (made in Italy). Both of these are brands to stay away from at all costs, unless you need something costume-y or a schmata to throw around. It's interesting that the Ores Quinto website seems to display half-decent merchandise, yet the stuff Daffy's got in is utter tackiness, including the plastic-like vest seen to the left. I just don't understand how this stuff makes it past a simple test of 'is this in fashion' or 'is this decent quality' when it is purchased overseas. Daffy's cannot continue to be the dumping ground for stuff, Italian or otherwise, that nobody wants. That's not a way to do business.

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