Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quick Recap

Will have a larger write up early next week after I visit some NYC locations tomorrow, but here's the important bits:

HUGE shipment of spring shirts from Sait (made in Italy) including Mastai Feretti, Bonser, Agho, Truzzi (yes, there were a number of Truzzi-branded shirts mixed in) and a TON of other labels, too many to list here. This is probably one of the largest SAIT shipments I've ever seen, and a lot of really quality pieces in there in all sorts of fabrications. If you can't find dress/work shirts in there that you like, there's something wrong with you.

Knits from Daniele Fiesoli (made in Italy) and Teodori. The Fiesoli items included Wool & Co. and a few other labels, and the Teodori items were all marked as samples, including a few pieces from Jil Sander and Dunhill.

Those are the important parts from this week. The not-so-great bits I will fill in early next week.


  1. Did all NYC stores receive shirts from Sait?

  2. Yes. Every single location in the Daffy's chain received a selection of shirts from Sait. It's one of the few things that comes in enough quantity that every store gets a piece of the pie.

  3. Which locations had the Truzzi shirts?

  4. Just about every location had a few Truzzi items. They're mixed in with everything else so you just have to dig around.