Sunday, January 22, 2012

My JCM Collection

Been wanting to post these pics for a while - specifically a number of pieces that I purchased from Jey Cole Man (made in Italy) from Daffy's for the spring, plus a few Alfie Bobo (made in Italy) leather jackets that I came across in Elizabeth, NJ last week. A few notes on the JCM pieces -- the ties are all JCM ties - the knits, there are three polka dots (navy, black and brown), one solid silver, and two brown/blue horizontal stripe ones w/a square bottom; the final one is a light brown tie w/a crumpled look. As for the blazers, just wanted to point out the multi-colored buttons on the tan blazer.


  1. You find all the good stuff. I have no luck at Daffy's. I mean, you found some Pal Zileri? Actually I found some decent, but dated, BASILE in the Herals Square store recently. What do you know about the lower Manhattan store on B'Way near Wall St.? I think it is the worst of the lot, but does it have a prime time?

  2. The problem w/Daffy's is you need to go to every store to really fill out a wardrobe. The selection above, excluding the leathers, represents stuff from four stores - one in Jersey, three in New York. The Pal Zileri items were only in 44th & Broadway and are likely gone at this point.

    As to the Wall St. store - I avoided at all costs. The selection is usually the worst of any store in Manhattan. That said, the best time to go is about a month to two months after the new season has started. They wind up getting a few bits and pieces of quality, but the key is that stuff winds up sitting in the store. So once there's enough new merchandise in, it may be worth taking a quick trip. Give it a few more weeks on that one.