Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Roundup, Through 1/15

Sorry for the slow updates; I haven't had much time to spend on the blog of late, but I did manage to do a tour of all of the Jersey Daffy's locations over the past week. Here's what I came across:

Samples all over the place - It seems like before they put the main lines out, Daffy's is putting out samples from their usual suppliers. These are often the nicer garments and at much lower prices. That said, the largest selection that I saw was at the Route 1/9 store in Elizabeth, NJ. Leather jackets from Compagnia Delli Pelle (made in Italy), including a few from Alfie Bobo, leathers from Bomb Boogie, and knitwear from Teodori (made in Italy). Most other stores also got in a few random samples from Teodori, the Jersey Gardens store got in a few samples from Patrizia Pepe (only t-shirts), and a few of the stores got in bits and pieces from John Barritt as samples as well.

Shirting -- Looks like the full line of Poggianti (made in Italy) shirts came in, including shirts from Villa Bruner, and there were also smatterings of shirts from Sait/Mastai Feretti (made in Italy) (Bonser, Agho, Jeff Kerry, A. Basile, Mastai Feretti...) and from Alea (made in Italy) (G.V. Conte, Rosso Malaspino, Alea, H.B., The Golf Club, Harry Brook...) -- I believe we'll see larger selections from these last two in the coming weeks.

As for Jey Coleman -- the only Jersey stores to get the merchandise were Paramus, NJ and Jersey Gardens. No other Jersey store received any JCM items.

Other, more unfortunate, merchandise - HUGE swath of pants from Banana Republic, and a selection of jeans from Chaps (yes, the Ralph Lauren brand sold at JC Penney and Kohl's) -- both from the same manufacturer - JEMB is the vendor code if that rings a bell to anyone; seems like they have production facilities in Egypt and China.

Apologies for not posting Jey Coleman pics as I promised. Hopefully will have those up in the next few days along with some pics of the leathers I saw in Elizabeth this weekend. More updates coming your way later this week.

Oh, and forgot to mention --- a number of items from Alternative Apparel came in- t-shirts, tanks, and button downs. Decent stuff, especially at the prices - $8.99 for t-shirts, $16.99 for the button-downs.

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