Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Update, 2/5/12

Here's the rundown from the last week, a few items of note, though the majority of stuff that came in falls into the 'avoid at all costs' category:

The full line of leather jackets from Compagnia Delle Pelli (made in Italy) came in (as opposed to the samples some other stores got a few weeks back), including leathers marked Messagerie and Alfie Bobo. Great stuff, best prices you will find on any leathers of this quality in any store, bar none. I wish people really knew how great this stuff was. As a side note, I forgot to mention that 34th St. received leather samples from Alex & Co., much of the same as we got down here in Philly.

Shoes came in from Tremp - read: a handful of pairs. Philly got in maybe one dozen pairs total, and I did a Jersey run this week, the only other store in Jersey to get in men's shoes from Tremp was Jersey Gardens, and they literally received 3 pairs. The women did a lot better on this end than us fellows. A few stores also got in shoes from Joseph Abboud, but that was only a few pairs per store and nothing really fantastic.

Most stores also got in decent selections from Eugenio Sorentino. This stuff is decent and worth a quick look-over if you're in the market for some casual items for spring.

Aside from that, the major amount of merchandise that came into stores this week was from FB (made in Italy) including suits and pants and lots of suits from Manzini. Both of these brands are to be avoided at all costs. I will admit every so often there is an FB suit or blazer that is half-decent, but that is few and far between. On the whole, this stuff is poorly constructed and terribly styled. Also to avoid are a few cropped  cotton jackets from Haspel - this is the kind of stuff styled for men in their 50's and 60's and has no place in Daffy's - stores like Syms used to stock Haspel all the time.

And if you're still reading, a shout out to Nancy from the Paramus store. Always happy to take time to chat about Daffy's.

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