Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lower-NJ Recap

Recap of the stores in the lower part of NJ (all relative of course seeing as there are no stores south of Elizabeth):

- Route 1/9 Store: Received sizable selection of suits and sportcoats from Copen Group, as well as pants from them as well -- you will see a lot of George Hamilton, Royal Hem and Basile items from Copen Group. Small selection of pants from Giab's, and no Italian shoes at all, which is odd considering that is where I bought all my Boemos shoes last season.

- Jersey Gardens: Also received decent selection of items from Copen Group, including pants, suits and blazers, and I noticed several of these suits were marked for Alessandro Dell'Acqua, who designs some really nice stuff which I've seen often on Yoox. No Giab's pants at this location, and whatever Boemos shoes had been there were already ravaged over and gone from the store.

- Secaucus: Strangely, this store had a great selection of Giab's pants including those marked Edwin and Whipcord, and a small selection of Copen Group items as well - one suit marked Regina Schrecker.

That's the quick rundown - I will be in NYC tomorrow, and anticipate visiting at least 5 stores. Monday will be Paramus, Totowa and East Hanover to complete my tri-state tour. More updates coming - I presume there will be some items special to the NYC stores that have yet to make it to NJ or Philly locations.

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