Friday, February 24, 2012

Gazzarrini Has Landed for Spring

Gazzarrini (made in Italy) is in stores now. A huge selection of suits, sportcoats, pants and shirts came into Philly this week. Unsure how much other stores will be getting, but it's probably safe to say that 34th St., 57th East Side and Soho will be getting large selections as well. The new times square store might have something too, but from what I've heard of late, they've already given up on the store as a place for putting the better merchandise.

For those who have never seen/heard of Gazzarrini, please search for some prior posts on the site. It is probably one of the best lines, if not the best, of merchandise that Daffy's gets in for men. On-trend, great-construction, and the only brand I've ever seen in Daffy's menswear that consistently has a show at Milan Fashion Week.

Also finding its way into Philly this week was an assortment of items from an Italian boutique in NYC called Verdi & Kennedy, formerly called La Camiceria Italiana (the Italian shirt-maker). I only saw a few shirts and a polyester rain coat in the main area, but there was a nice selection of ties and belts, all great items and all made in Italy. They were all marked with one of those two brands as it appears everything was made private label for the store. But well worth your time if you find this stuff

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  1. Great blog and posts. Keep it up.

    I wish we had a Daffys here in the DC area. Our filenes basement just closed down, so that was similar b/c they'd get these kind of brands often. Also, keep posting on SF.