Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You'd Think They Were Still in Business

I find it quite strange that other than the glut of news articles reporting on it, and the sense of sadness amongst the store employees, there are no signs the company is going out of business.

The stores themselves have no signs, nor is there any indication on the Daffy's website. Instead, the company just pumped out an email blast advertising new women's merchandise.

You would think that when a company w/so much stock is going out of business, they'd want to announce it and get everyone to buy up what is sitting around. But no, business appears to be continuing as usual at Daffy's. Odd, very odd.

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  1. I noticed this too. I had also just told myself I have been spending too much on clothes lately. Then I read on your blog of the immenent closing. I am afraid I will be at Daffy's quite a bit in the next 6 weeks.