Saturday, July 28, 2012

Quick Recap

Will have a more detailed recap on Monday or Tuesday, but wanted to note the awesome suits/sportcoats that came in to just about every store. They are samples from various designers, including: Cadini, Tween, Jack Olive, Hackett, Paul Smith, Andrea Neri, Simon Peet, Argento and Della Chiana. Della Chiana is actually one of my new favorites -- I had never heard of the brand before, but after seeing the sportcoats and suits this weekend, I am hooked -- sadly, the company's website,, is just a single page and doesn't give much info. Would say to generally avoid the Andrea Neri items, but the rest is pretty good. Note that some of the items are clearly made for spring - i.e., cotton and linen blends, but I assume they were put out just to empty the warehouse. The way to tell these new items apart is w/the vendor code -- ITAL.


  1. East 57th did not get anything you mentioned above...or if they did it was all gone by Monday at 5pm.

  2. I was there yesterday, and while not as big of a selection as down here in Philly, there were a few suits and sportcoats. The thing is you had to look through everything, as it was all mixed in. That said, if you couldn't find it, I wouldn't spend more time looking for it. Good stuff, but limited number of pieces in each store and limited sizes.