Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Full article republished at the following link (no affiliation w/the site; appears to be legit) --

The report is grimmer than expected, apparently the company has had its law firm working on deals to shore up creditors, as well as draw up plans in case of bankruptcy. There are even reports that the company has contacted liquidation companies in case it has to go that route.

As weird as it sounds, my hopes and prayers are that the company can find a way out of this mess and still be able to exist in some form. Daffy's has been a passion of mine now for about two years - it has not only taught me the value of a dollar, but how to buy properly fitted clothing. I know that there is something there worth saving -- given, the company needs a lot of changes in every area of the business, but the bottom-line is that no one else in this country does what it does when it comes to offering European clothing at unbeatable prices, and there is certainly a customer for that in this day and age.

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