Thursday, July 12, 2012


Just released claims that the Philadelphia Daffy's location will be closing on Septmeber 30th --

This was the last thing I expected if they were going to start closing locations, as I know that the store is one of the top movers of merchandise in the entire chain, but I supposed they decided it was not worth the transportation costs.

I am now in mourning. Please leave your condolences below :'(


  1. I just went to the Daffy's on West 57th in NYC.

    All 19 locations will have closed by October 31st.

    I - quite possibly - just bought out the store.

    It is a sad day indeed.

  2. All the stores are closing? Is this real?

  3. That's what it sounds like. I will be at the Philly store tomorrow and will confirm one way or another regarding the other locations, but multiple outlets are now covering the Philly store's closing.

  4. If only I knew a guy w/a fat bankroll who could bail out the company, and wouldn't mind putting me in charge ;)

  5. Yes, the 19 stores closed by October's end is true.

    I confirmed it today with 2 managers of Daffy's NYC locations.

    The twice yearly ritual of buying up the best (but least known) that Italy has to offer has come to an end.

  6. So what is our next best bet for affordable style?

  7. Sample sales and internet shopping

  8. Alex, the only thing that comes close to Daffy's in terms of the type of merchandise sold is Century 21 and, but, on the whole, the pricing is well beyond what Daffy's charges. Ruelala and MyHabit have started to sell some more Italian items (Gilt has gone south IMHO), but, again, the pricing is out of whack.

    If I can secure funding I am contemplating starting a small closeout business on my own, run mainly online, though, available locally in Philly. Working on some of the details now, but it's slow considering my full time job which takes up most of my week.

    1. How much would you need? Shoot me an email at Alexander dot Chilton at gmail dot com

  9. Admin - (you've never revealed your name)

    You might want to seek out some models. You've mentioned Lord Midas to me (and I knew about their e-bay presence and their LI store), and I can't imagine Max (who runs LM) is doing very well. Sartoriale (on e-bay and in the Hamptons) gets TOP of the line Kiton and Tom Ford items (one of a kind, samples and runway pieces), and their merch sits in waiting sometimes for years (I still see the same Brioni coats 4 years later for sale that no one is buying).

    There is a great blog on styleforum that discusses the pitfalls of retail.

    In short, don't do it. It's a wealthy man's hobby, and you'll end up keeping (to wear) most of the merchandise - and buying what you (not the customer) wants --- in other words, you'll stock your "store" with what you like to wear.

    If you want to be in the retail fashion game, you should get a job with yoox, Century 21, Zara, Sarar, or a bespoke/importer in Philly or NYC. I've suggested in the past that you get into the blog/IT/tech side of fashion. There is real room for growth there.


  10. Some blogs of note that might be of interest to the admin:

    And I saw your thread starter on there as well...

  11. was sad to hear of this...looks like I won't have to build that extra neck tie closet after all....