Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Other than the suits/sportcoats noted in the prior post, here's a quick rundown of what came in ---

Items from Messori (made in Italy) in a few stores -- Paramus, NJ, Jersey Gardens and 34th St. A lot of pants, especially at 34th St. Nicely made, but some of it is very gaudy, as Messori tends to be.

Shirts --- depending on which store you visit, you may see a smattering (read a dozen or so) shirts from Saitt (made in Italy) sitting around -- either on racks, or folded up in plastic --- these include Mastai Feretti and others. I know that this is far from the selection that came into the warehouse, and fully expect to see a larger quantity coming to stores in the next few weeks.

The Jersey Gardens store got about 20 suits from Copen Group (made in Italy), including a large batch of ones that were very shiny, likely Italian wedding suits.

Jackets/Coats -- more from FB (made in Italy), and a bunch of nylon jackets from Stone Fashion, most marked as Fairfield on the label. Nothing phenomenal from either of these companies, but worth a look.

Finally, a small selection (read 4-5 pairs per store) of shoes from Tremp (made in Italy) came in as well. Mostly boots in some fashion or another -- the 44th & 8th store had the most interesting ones, for lack of a better descriptor. Solid shoes, nothing extraordinary, but for $60 you can't really go wrong.

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