Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What's Left

Based on some pretty solid intel, I believe this is what we will be seeing in the next few weeks while things wind down:

Shirts from Saitt (made in Italy) -- makers of Mastai Feretti, Bonser, Agho, Truzzi and lots of other random labels. This is the stuff I've actually been waiting for the most, aside from some possible wool pants, but it does not seem like Incotex, Giab's or otherwise will be making an appearance.

Suits, blazers and other items from Copen Group (made in Italy) - makers of Royal Hem, Pennesi and other random labels.

Shearlings from Owen Barry (made in England) - nice, solidly made stuff, though, never the most fashionable things on the block.

There may also be some appearances from Patrizia Pepe (which has already come into the 18th St. store on a very small scale), Gazzarrini, and Bomb Boogie/Space 2000 items -- but these items are uncertain, whereas the others I can almost bet you will see in the next week or two.

As a side note -- was up in Elizabeth this past weekend, and noticed a few leather jackets that came in with labels marked Brogdan and RARE. These brands usually wind up at Century 21 -- there were only two pieces in the Jersey Gardens location, but my guess is more wound up in NYC. Nice stuff if you can find a piece or two in your size.

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