Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap Part 1 - Daffy's

This will be a multi-parter, just b/c of the sheer amount of stuff and the little time which I have to update the blog at the moment. So, in general Daffy's stores are at that point in the season where most of the locations have basically nothing worthwhile - While there's a great selection of shirts from Milena SpA in each store right now, including lots of boxed shirts from Carrell and Del Siena, the rest of the items leave a lot to be desired. Here are the highlights:

44th & Broadway (Times Square) store:
-- Large amounts of Transit (made in Italy); Probably the best selection in the entire chain right now. Includes a number of items I have yet to see in other locations.

-- A huge selection of items from Tyrone's is available only at this store as well - Tyrone's is a high-end men's boutique out on Long Island; Daffy's gets shipments once a season from them. Pics to the sides show the items available, including suits and blazers from Isaia (to the left), Pal Zileri, Zegna (above), Belvest and Boglioli. And in the Pal Zileri merchandise, there were a few 3-piece tuxedos which caught my eye as well. There were also plenty of casual items, including shirts from Luciano Barbera, pants from Valentini and jeans from Agave Denim. 
-- By far my favorite items however, were suits and sportcoats from Tombolini (made in Italy) (right). The construction and design on this stuff just far exceeds anything I've seen at Daffy's for these prices -- $199/suit, $89.99 and up for blazers. Sadly, for both the Tyrone's merchandise and the Tombolini items, they were all in larger sizes (read: nothing below a size 40 jacket size, and size 34 pant size). All items were marked as Samples (always the best stuff).

57th St. East Side: Large amount of suits and blazers from Beau Brummel, a small boutique based in Soho. Most were branded with the store name, or a brand called "Giovanni Gentile". There was also one double-breasted suit from Thierry Mugler (made in Italy) (see pic to the left - pretty awful, but Mugler usually has some pretty strange designs to begin with). Again, mostly large sizes though there was one suit in a size 38, still too big for me (I'm a 36). The same selection found its way to the Jersey Gardens location, including the Thierry Mugler suit.

44th & Madison: A few blazers from Beau Brummel, under the store brand; decent quality

18th St: The only place I saw this stuff, and hopefully it will stay that way, but this store had several items from a men's lingerie company called 'Mansilk', including men's thongs in deep red colors. I understand there's an audience for that, but not my cup of tea.

East Hanover, NJ: Only store that had snow suits from an Italian company called 'BITING'. Can't find much about the company, but seems that these things go for well over $100 in the EU- Link

Several stores also got in some Joseph Abboud chukka boots, which were decent. Off 5th stores also seemed to get in the same items.


  1. I think it is time to add Tombolini to the recommended brand list. Also have you seen the Jums knits (I think I got that spelling right)?

  2. Definitely will add Tombolini; I haven't updated the brands list in a while b/c the consistency of the merchandise has been quite spotty. Have not seen anything from Jums. Which store did you see that label? Let me know if we're talking about this --

  3. I believe so; will confirm tonight, but have seen sweaters at the East 57th Street and Herald Square locations.