Tuesday, November 8, 2011

eBay for Inspiration

Every so often I come across some eBay retailers that are hawking some pretty incredible Italian merchandise for very little, and I'm always intrigued by the brands that never seem to pop up at Daffy's and/or Yoox. One such eBay retailer goes by beverlyhillsbazaar ("BHB") - there are alter-egos of this account, and prior accounts for the same seller from what I can tell.

Some labels I've come across on the eBay account that I wish we could get at Daffy's - Angelo Nardelli (they sell tons of this stuff), Cycle, Reign, Luigi Baldo; shoes from Certo, OXS, Buttero and others; and accessories from the likes of Tino Cosma and Tardini. Names you rarely see anywhere else, though I've come across some of these items on Yoox and in Century 21 in NYC.

By no means is this an endorsement of the seller's services; I bought literally one item from the seller nearly two years ago. I just wanted to enlighten everyone to the fact that there are other sources of merchandise out there -- how some of these sellers get the merchandise is beyond me in terms of who originally retails this stuff State-side, but they are out there.

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