Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Times Square Store Opens Tomorrow, 10AM

According to Daffy's Facebook and Twitter accounts, the new Times Square store will be opening tomorrow at 10AM. The store is at 44th St. between 8th & Broadway. I will have full reports in a week and a half, but until then, please send reports if you get a chance to stop by. Specifically looking for details of any new merchandise that hasn't been seen in any other stores as of yet - perhaps there's an unlikely chance that they've been saving Mabitex for the new opening (more like zero chance, but one can always hope).

And for those of you keeping track of what I honestly believe is kind of absurd -- there are also stores at 44th & Madison, 34th & Broadway and 57th & 7th, all within an easy 15-20 minute walk or 5 minute subway ride of this new store.


  1. I scored some beautiful Ortenzi sport coats for $99 each. really nice. There are a handful left in 38, 40, and 42.

  2. Thanks for the note. Did you notice anything out of the ordinary while you were there? Particularly in the suit or pants areas?

  3. Some John Barrit suits, I think, but I was drawn mothlike to the jackets. Maybe someone else can report on that. I did spin through the pants and saw no Mabitex, though there were a handful of nice Tombolini cords.