Saturday, November 12, 2011

Marshalls, Century & Twitter

So not much at Daffy's this week; really the only new merchandise that I saw as of Friday were some scarves - $39.99 for ones from Portolano, and $24.99 for ones from Altea (made in Italy). Both nice things, though I'm quite happy w/the $13.99 ones they've had out for the last month or so, also made in Italy.

Not merchandise related, but --- the Daffy's Facebook page keeps teasing that the new store is opening soon. I never really quite understood the purpose other than its Times Square location, b/c they've got so many other stores right in that area. But I'll be checking it out over Thanksgiving break if it's open at that point. Wondering if there will be merchandise exclusive to that store, or what, if anything, it will be stocking that's particularly special.

The Philly store had some interesting news -- according to some employees, the building down here has been sold by Daffy's corporate. I am unable to confirm this story, and it is only rumor at the moment, but would be interesting to see if they move to a new location as the space that is there is simply not being used to capacity. Sale of the building does not mean that they are necessarily moving, it may just be that corporate thought it was a good time to cash in, and possibly get out of having to make any necessary repairs to the building that's on the older side.

In other news ---

Yellow Baggers is now on Twitter -!/yellowbaggers -- The twitter feed will mainly be a short summary of blog posts, but it will also be an easier way to post updates when I simply don't have time to write out an entire blog entry.

Was back home today to help out with some family matters, and stopped in at the local Marshalls. They had a small assortment of beautiful Santoni (made in Italy) shoes, all marked at $99.99. I picked up two pair for myself. Quite an awesome price. Doubtful that they're offering this stuff at many other locations.

And finally, I found out after returning a tie at Century 21 that I'm on the "frequent refunder" list (or at least that's what the CSR called it). Apparently my credit card/membership card is flagged that I've returned too many items in the past --- so in order to return a $20 tie, I had to spend an extra 20 minutes, waiting for three different managers to sign off on the return. I get that they want security, but that's just absurd and makes me not want to shop in the store anymore. Not a way to treat a customer with so-called "Gold Member" status - sure I've returned a number of things, but you don't have to treat me like I'm on the 10 Most Wanted list or something.

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